Modern Warfare's recent launch has eclipsed any further rumors of the anticipated Battle Royale mode, though leaks are regularly circulating from a variety of locations and sources. Among the most recent rumors, claims are that the battle pass, alleged to be within the game itself, will only be within the Battle Royale; we have had confirmation that the game mode is referenced within the Modern Warfare beta files as well. Modern Warfare 2019's Battle Royale is very much the focus of Infinity Ward now, claims popular YouTuber TheGamingRevolution, who has insisted that the mode is in the cards even after its release. And the most recent such rumors suggests that the Battle Royale maps will support as many as 200 players at once.

As we approach the Modern Warfare release, with little information available to the public about the Battle Royale, here's what we know so far.

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Release Date

With Modern Warfare 2019 set for a October 25th release, you would hope the battle royale to launch with it. However, there are many stating that the game may not be ready for launch. With a campaign, multiplayer and battle royale, it would be no surprise to see this aspect of the game delayed.

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What Do We Know About The Modern Warfare 2019 Battle Royale?

Double The Combatants

According to a Twitter thread, the Modern Warfare 2019 battle royale features similar aspects to Blackout. This new game will also have double the number of combatants, which makes sense as it's rumoured to be three times bigger that the original Blackout map. The rumoured player count is planned to be 200


  • Player Count: 200
  • Playlists: Solo (1), Duos (2), and Squads (4)
  • End-Game Radar: On
  • Infiltration Option: C130
  • Pre-Game Lobby Free-for-All: On
  • Post-Game Exfiltration: Off
  • Max Health: 150
  • Last Stand Health: 100
  • Last Stand Revive Health: 30
  • Last Stand Timer: 60s
  • Last Stand Revive Time: 7s
  • Friendly Fire Punish Limit: 2
  • Gulag: On
  • Infiltration Options: C130, Convoy, Blackhawk (Private Match)
  • Starting Weapon: Fists, G21 Pistol, MP5, M4A1, Knife (Private Match)
  • Enable BR Loot: Turns on loot on supported maps. (Private Match)
  • Circle Star Size Override: Size of the damage circle at map start. Default match starts with no circle. Use this for smaller matches. (Private Match)
  • Circle Damage Multiplier (Private Match)


Respawn Tokens can be looted. After one use, Respawn Tokens are disabled for the player.

To respawn a teammate, obtain a Respawn Token, then drop their body near an Ambulance. Once the body is dropped at the Ambulance, the player will enter the Gulag queue for a chance to win a 1v1 and respawn into the match.

At some point during the match, the Gulag will be closed and no longer usable, thus preventing respawns.

Once a player has respawned, they must locate and activate a Mobile Armory to retrieve their loadout.


Battle Royale features Missions which can be looted via finding tablets. Only one Mission can be active for a Squad at a time.

Mission Types

  • Tracked
  • Timed Run
  • Assassination (Eliminate specific player)
  • Scavenger Hunt (Collect Scavenger Crates)
  • Domination (Capture Domination Point)
  • Random (Random Mission)
  • If no Bounty is available for the Assassination Mission, Consolation Plunder will be awarded.

When a Mission is started or completed, the entire Squad will be notified by an on-screen message.


  • Fulton Recovery Device placed
  • Fulton Balloon successfully away
  • Fulton Balloon shot down
  • Players have the ability to mark Vehicles, Locations, Items, Enemies, and Dangerous Locations
  • Battle Royale will have its own slice on the Main Menu

The Jump Master of a Squad can select a deployment point prior to the match start. If the Jump Master chooses to discard the role, any player can become it. Players who are not the Jump Master have the ability to jump separately from the team, if you detach from the Jump Master, you will not drop in proximity to your loadout bag.

  • Rarities: White, Green, Blue, Purple, Gold
  • Limited inventory space
  • Requisition Airdrop Timer: 30s
  • All Weapons, Attachments, Equipment, Field Upgrades*, and Killstreaks* from Multiplayer
  • Gas Mask, Vests, Helmets, Bandages, Ammo, Backpacks, Portable Defibrillator, and Plunder
  • Cannot hold two of the same weapon
  • Cannot take Armor of lower level than currently equipped
  • Attachments which are incompatible with the current weapon will be placed in the Backpack
  • Supply Crates contain potentially valuable equipment or items


Very similarly to Blackout, it will comprise of different maps in the game's franchise. We will see past Modern Warfare maps in Modern Warfare 2019's battle royale.

Most recently, VGSources released a list of locations for the battle royale mode after deep-diving into the PC beta files. It has been leaked via rumours that these are confirmed to be appearing:

  • Airfield (Zone)
  • Bank (Point of Interest)
  • Boneyard (Zone)
  • Dam (Zone)
  • Downtown (Zone)
  • Fire Station (Point of Interest)
  • Gas Station (Point of Interest)
  • Gulag (Zone)
  • Gun Store (Point of Interest)
  • Hospital (Zone)
  • Layover (Zone)
  • Lumber (Zone)
  • Overgrown (Zone)
  • Pharmacy (Point of Interest)
  • Police Station (Point of Interest)
  • Port (Zone)
  • Quarry (Zone)
  • Storage Town (Zone)
  • Supercenter (Zone)
  • Trainyard (Zone)
  • TV Station (Zone)

They also revealed some loot items such as medial, alcohol, armor and plunder (in-game cash). We already know what Modern Warfare 2019 weapons will feature in the game, it is likely they will feature in the Battle Royale Mode.

Previously, TheGamingRevolution uploaded a video giving lots of detail about the Battle Royale mode. In this video he portays a "rough sketch" of what the battle royale map will look like, currently the locations are unnamed and he obviously gotten creative with it in a comical way. In the map there are supposedly 35 locations to visit and many will be locations from the spec ops mode, as well as past maps and campaign missions. This sounds fantastic, but TheGamingRevolution did mention that it may not be optimal for gameplay and the map may need to be drastically changed to function properly.

TheGamingRevolution confirmed the remastered maps those are:

  • Shipment (Modern Warfare MP)
  • Scrapyard (Modern Warfare 2 MP)
  • Wetwork (Modern Warfare MP)
  • Vacant (Modern Warfare MP)
  • Rust (Modern Warfare 2 MP)
  • Broadcast (Modern Warfare MP)
  • Gulag (Modern Warfare 2 Campaign)
  • Backlot (Modern Warfare MP)
  • Boneyard (Modern Warfare 2 MP)
  • Terminal (Modern Warfare 2 MP)


What should be noted is that these reincarnations may not be the same as their original form - they're reimagined versions.

Within this video, he also speculated it's likely we could see a lot of cross-over with what is in Call of Duty Mobile - this has a battle royale mode that mixes a lot of features between Blackout and Modern Warfare. We could see maps such as Standoff, Crash, Countdown, Pipeline, Overgrown, Killhouse, Seaside and More.

One big point he emphasised is that both the Spec Ops and Battle Royale map are very similar and are constantly changing. What is there now may not be there at launch - specifically re-made areas may be saved for post-launch content.

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There has also been more information on the cash mechanic within the game and this is called 'Plunder' - this is used to unlock supply drops to get cosmetics. The way it works is that a player will earn plunder for killing enemies in the game, players deposit that cash in ATMs and once done this cash is yours. If you were to die with cash on your person, you will lose that money. If you were to win the match with that cash, you will receive a hefty bonus for it.

According to the Reddit leak, Plunder can be converted into XP via depositing it into ATMs found throughout the Battle Royale mode.


Loot will come in five rarities. In order of quality: White, Green, Blue, Purple, Gold. They'll include all weapons, attachments, equipment, field upgrades, and even kill streaks from Multiplayer, but will also feature Battle Royale-only items and upgrades, such as backpacks to increase your limited storage space, and Plunder as discussed above.

Like with other games of the genre, your armor will come in different levels of effectiveness. From the Reddit leak:

  • Helmet LVL 1: Reduces headshot damage by 30 Reduces the effect of Flash and Concussion grenades
  • Helmet LVL 1: Reduces headshot damage by 30
  • Helmet LVL 1: Reduces headshot damage by 15
  • Ballistic Vest LVL 1: Absorbs 50 damage
  • Ballistic Vest LVL 2: Absorbs 150 damage
  • Ballistic Vest LVL 3: Absorbs 150 damage and increases healing item usage by 25

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As with other Modern Warfare modes, you have access to a range of Battle Royale specific Perks to customize your game plan. From the Reddit thread:

  • High Alert - Grants vision when an enemy looks at you from outside of your FoV.
  • Spotter - Enemy equipment within a small radius is visible and highlighted to you, even through walls.
  • Tracker - Enemies leave footprints as they move, and increased crouch movement speed.
  • Stalker - Faster movement while aiming down sight.​
  • Marksman - Allows you to identify enemies from farther away by showing their names at a greater distance.
  • Sleight of Hand - Reload your weapons 50% faster than normal.
  • Armorer - You use armor plates 20% faster, and they supply 10% more armor.
  • Artisan Tastes - Weapons you pick up have a chance to automatically upgrade.
  • Deep Pockets - Any usable equipment you pick up has an extra use.
  • Grenadier - Any throwable equipment you pick up has an extra use.
  • Healer - Your medic items continue to heal for an additional 25% of their value over the next 20 seconds.
  • Thief - When you Harvest, generate 20% more plunder.
  • Ammo Scavenger - Enemies you kill always drop some ammunition.
  • Armor Scavenger - Enemies you kill always drop some armor plates.
  • Medic Scavenger - Enemies you kill always drop some medic items.
  • Plunder Scavenger - Enemies you kill always drop some Plunder.
  • Bounty Hunter - If you kill someone with more Perks than you, gain enough points to match them, and then you can replace this perk.
  • Ghost - You are invisible to drones and sensors.
  • Sneaky - Your Footsteps are invisible, and enemies are not warned when you track them.
  • Explosive Ordnance Disposal - Explosive Resistance, and you can capture enemy claymores and mines.


  • Killstreaks activated using Lethal and Tactical buttons
  • Juggernauts cannot pick up Loot

UAV Satellite Trucks must be charged before scanning an area. Once used, they will remain on cooldown for some time before coming back online.

  • Mobile Armory: Retrieve loadouts, can only be used once per activation
  • Armory Kiosk


What will likely separate Modern Warfare Battle Royale from its rivals the most is the rumored Gulag respawn mode. Rather than simply losing as soon as you're slain, you'll have the opportunity to engage in either one-on-one fights in the Gulag section of the map to rejoin the fight, or a Jail Break event happens that releases everybody currently stuck waiting for a chance to rejoin. Note that the Gulag will eventually shut down as the game progresses, preventing respawns later in a round.

What Else Do We Know?

We are also aware that Raven Software are working on the Battle Royale mode and that it could be free to play.

It was recently announced from TheGamingRevolution that the Battle Pass will be exclusive to the Battle Royale mode. He does say that it could come to multiplayer, but it is not currently in the plans.

TheGamingRevolution has also said that the focus for Infinity Ward is on the Battle Royale, with a projected release of January.

Dataminers have uncovered files seemingly in relation to the Battle Royale mode.

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