With each passing day, more and more information about the Modern Warfare 2019 battle royale emerges. We're still waiting official confirmation, but at this point it would be a big surprise if the battle royale wasn't happening in the Modern Warfare 2019 multiplayer.

With Modern Warfare 2019's global reveal unveiling at the start of August, there is a lot of excitement and gossip floating around. The Modern Warfare 2019 weapons, game modes, perks and killstreaks have recently been leaked and we also managed to catch a glimpse of the multiplayer in the recent content creator Modern Warfare 2019 multiplayer reveal

Plenty of rumours have been circulating about a Modern Warfare 2019 battle royale mode, many claiming that it is certainty and others proposing that it's too much work for Infinity Ward to produce a battle royale mode. A new post from TheGamingRevolution, who has been at hand for many of the leaks recently, has confirmed a Modern Warfare 2019 battle royale exists and what is feature in it. Could there be a Modern Warfare 2019 beta for it?

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Release Date

With Modern Warfare 2019 set for a October 25th release, you would expect the battle royale to launch with it. Currently, you can pre-order Modern Warfare 2019 and get a Captain Price playable character for Black Ops 4's Blackout.

However, there are many stating that the game may not be ready for launch. With a campaign, multiplayer and battle royale, it would be no surprise to see this aspect of the game delayed.

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What Do We Know About The Modern Warfare 2019 Battle Royale?

According to a Twitter thread, the Modern Warfare 2019 battle royale features similar aspects to Blackout.This new game will also have double the number of combatants, which makes sense as it's rumoured to be three times bigger that the original Blackout map.

Very similarly to Blackout, it will comprise of different maps in the game's franchise. We will see past Modern Warfare maps in Modern Warfare 2019's battle royale. We can only hope at the Global reveal we hear about a potential Modern Warfare 2019 beta, which may include access to the battle royale mode, similar to Blackout.

Recently, TheGamingRevolution uploaded a video giving lots of detail about the Battle Royale mode. In this video he portays a "rough sketch" of what the battle royale map will look like, currently the locations are unnamed and he obviously gotten creative with it in a comical way. In the map there are supposedly 35 locations to visit and many will be locations from the spec ops mode, as well as past maps and campaign missions. This sounds fantastic, but TheGamingRevolution did mention that it may not be optimal for gameplay and the map may need to be drastically changed to function properly.

TheGamingRevolution confirmed the remastered maps those are:

  • Shipment (Modern Warfare MP)
  • Scrapyard (Modern Warfare 2 MP)
  • Wetwork (Modern Warfare MP)
  • Vacant (Modern Warfare MP)
  • Rust (Modern Warfare 2 MP)
  • Broadcast (Modern Warfare MP)
  • Gulag (Modern Warfare 2 Campaign)
  • Backlot (Modern Warfare MP)
  • Boneyard (Modern Warfare 2 MP)
  • Terminal (Modern Warfare 2 MP)

What should be noted is that these reincarnations may not be the same as their original form - they're reimagined versions.

Within this video, he also speculated it's likely we could see a lot of cross-over with what is in Call of Duty Mobile - this has a battle royale mode that mixes a lot of features between Blackout and Modern Warfare. We could see maps such as Standoff, Crash, Countdown, Pipeline, Overgrown, Killhouse, Seaside and More.

One big point he emphasised is that both the Spec Ops and Battle Royale map are very similar and are constantly changing. What is there now may not be there at launch - specifically re-made areas may be saved for post-launch content.

We are also aware that Raven Software are working on the Battle Royale mode and that it could be free to play.

There has also been more information on the cash mechanic within the game and this is called 'Plunder' - this is used to unlock supply drops to get cosmetics. The way it works is that a player will earn plunder for killing enemies in the game, players deposit that cash in ATMs and once done this cash is yours. If you were to die with cash on your person, you will lose that money. If you were to win the match with that cash, you will receive a hefty bonus for it.

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